3D printer pushes prototyping boundaries

Making the construction of prototypes more efficient, cost-effective, faster and flexible—this will be possible with the world’s largest industrial delta 3D printer. The four-meter-high machine was developed by Professor Yilmaz Uygun’s research group at Jacobs University Bremen. The project exhibits promising potential for industrial application and further free robux generator for roblox research and cooperation opportunities for the university in Bremen-Nord.

In industries such as spare parts management, prototype construction, and mechanical and plant engineering, individualized parts are regularly required, which poses a challenge for these industries; on one hand the parts are complex in structure but are, on the other hand, only needed in small quantities. Conventional manufacturing processes are hardly suitable for the production of such individual parts. It is uneconomical, sometimes even impossible, to produce these necessary parts—depending on their size and complexity.

This is where the project of Professor Yilmaz Uygun and his team at Jacobs University Bremen comes into play. Supported by the Kieserling Foundation, the research team led by Serkan Özkan has developed the world’s largest industrially usable delta 3D printer within a very short time. This additive manufacturing process makes it possible to efficiently produce complex individual parts for prototypes that are still in the test phase. This means that their design can be flexibly and economically adapted to the test results and renewed as required.

The 3D printer has a height of over four meters and offers a printing area of up to 1.5 meters in radius and a printing height of up to 2.5 meters—making it one of a kind due to its design. The printer head hovers above the printing plate, attached to three arms that form a triangle—a delta. The printer head can be moved in any direction via the arms. The printing area that results from this allows for the printing of exceptionally large parts.

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